Enhanced competition and sophistication impacts on employment markets. Gone are the times when a couple of “A” Levels would secure a good job and interesting career prospects. Prospective employees are required to have a minimum of a first degree and / or a professional qualification. Employers expect their staff to continuously improve their knowledge and promotion prospects now depend on continuous professional development (CPD) and specialization. Continued membership to certain organisations such as the ACCA, ICSA and STEP requires evidence of a minimum amount of CPD hours every year. The Centre’s aim is to inculcate knowledge by offering a wide range of Diplomas, Certificates, Undergraduate & Postgraduate programmes, Professional courses as well as shorter specialist courses in the Legal and Business fields. Please refer to the menu on the left where the current courses under offering are listed. Do not hesiate to contact us should you require any further information.


Contrary to the common belief, studying Law does not ONLY lead to a career in the Legal Profession (Barrister, Attorney, Notary).

Prospective students should also realise that there are a whole range of careers in Law outside of private legal practice. Such careers include working in some public or private sector departments where a legal background is essential or useful as well as specialist niche areas of Law. More importantly,a Law degree is one of the most well respected undergraduate qualifications. It opens up a whole range of career opportunities quite apart from the practice of the Law. This is because the study of Law improves powers of reasoning, clarity of thought and the ability to analyse and express complicated ideas and such skills are in demand in a wide variety of areas.


Businesses create wealth and well-being, prosperity, jobs and choices. Studying business has an obvious appeal to anyone intending to become an entrepreneur. However, there is a strong argument that in the future everyone will need to have had a business education. Whatever you do in your professional life, the chances are that it will involve some ‘business’. In other words, the combination of specialist qualification and business knowledge will become vital. Business is an extremely wide area and it is therefore no surprise that there is a variety of business courses for a potential student to chose from.

CLBS is licensed by both the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and the Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA).


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