Founder’s Message

Dear Enquirer,

We are living in an era where knowledge is the key to success. As Mauritius takes another step to become a knowledge hub, the requirements of the world of work is becoming more and more rigorous. However there are many obstacles for prospective students willing to pursue higher studies: limited places at the national University, the current courses on offering may not cater for those who are already in the world of work and therefore require flexible learning, financial constraints to proceed overseas amonst others. CLBS is able to overcome these hurdles and has been set-up to provide the prospective student with the tools designed to better equip him/her for the rigorous demands of the Legal and Business community of today through specially selected short courses, Diplomas and Degrees, learning flexibility at an affordable cost but without compromising quality.

CLBS is an independent institution and its independence means that as it is not part of any particular University, it can choose the best courses from Universities around the globe to offer students with unrivalled choices in terms of courses and qualifications. Being independent also means that we can control our fees and provide courses that give students the most value for their money.

CLBS does not exist without its students our students are our best marketers. The Centre is student-geared and we carefully choose our lecturers, attach a lot of importance to our academic materials / resources and have developed teaching methods to ensure that our students succeed brilliantly in their examinations and reach the highest levels in their professional life. CLBS is also working with IT professionals in order to use IT solutions as an aid to teaching. Since January 2007, CLBS has successfully implemented its online law library which provides students instantaneous remote access to a whole range of learning aids including handouts, articles and other relevant materials.

In order to provide students with the best employment opportunities CLBS also assists students in finding placement opportunities and career guidance services.

If you want to Learn Law or Learn Business, then you have come to the right place.

I look forward to welcoming you as one of our students.

Assad Abdullatiff
TEP, LLB (Hons), LLM, Barrister